List of Animals & Pet Supply Google Business Profile Categories

If you have an Animal & Pet Supply Business using one or more of the below business categories below in your Google Business Profile will allow you to reach more potential customers searching for you.

If the category is highlighted that means there are more sub-categories within it. It is wise to narrow down your focus as much as you can to get the most attention in the beginning.

Animals & Pet Supply Google Business Profile Categories
Bird Supplies
Cat Supplies
Dog Supplies
Fish Supplies
Pet Agility Equipment
Pet Apparel Hangers
Pet Bed Accessories
Pet Bells & Charms
Pet Biometric Monitors
Pet Bowl Mats
Pet Bowl Stands
Pet Bowls, Feeders & Waterers
Pet Carrier & Crate Accessories
Pet Carriers & Crates
Pet Collars & Harnesses
Pet Containment Systems
Pet Door Accessories
Pet Doors
Pet Eye Drops & Lubricants
Pet First Aid & Emergency Kits
Pet Flea & Tick Control
Pet Food Containers
Pet Food Scoops
Pet Grooming Supplies
Pet Heating Pad Accessories
Pet Heating Pads
Pet ID Tags
Pet Leash Extensions
Pet Leashes
Pet Medical Collars
Pet Medical Tape & Bandages
Pet Medicine
Pet Muzzles
Pet Oral Care Supplies
Pet Playpens
Pet Steps & Ramps
Pet Strollers
Pet Sunscreen
Pet Training Aids
Pet Vitamins & Supplements
Pet Waste Bag Dispensers & Holders
Pet Waste Bags
Pet Waste Disposal Systems & Tools
Reptile & Amphibian Supplies
Small Animal Supplies


Thank you for taking your time at looking at the Google Business Profile Categories for Animals & Pet Supply Companies above.

If you have any questions please drop them in the comments below.

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