Do Niche Sites Still Work [2022]

In today’s article we are going to answer that age old question: Do niche sites still work?

Let’s jump right into it.

Do Niche Sites Still Work?
Do niche sites still work?

The short answer is yes, niche sites still work and likely always will. Sites that are laser focused on a topic (niche) and provide tremendous value in their services and content will always be able to compete.

Are Niche Websites Worth It

Yes, of course niche websites are still worth it. The only caveat to this answer is that not all niches are going to be a wise selection for everyone. There are niches that are going to be incredibly hard to gain traction for unless you know how to find a unique approach to your content strategy, and stick with it.

We also have to define what we mean by saying “is blogging worth it”, more specifically, niche blogging.

In order for us to determine the worthiness of our blog ambitions we have to understand what makes us ambitious. Let’s take a look at how we can use our goals and ambitions to extract the areas that are going to provide us the most value out of our niche blog.

How Do You Get Value Out of Your Blog

To extract value out of our blogs, we must give value to our readers. If we are able to provide an answer or a solution to help them solve a problem we stand a chance at extracting something from them, that could be: emails, subscriptions, donations, sells, etc…

What is Your Goal with Creating a Niche Blog?

To help us define the value we are seeking to extract out of the blog we must understand what our goals are for our blog. Everyone has different reasons internally but they usually are around the following reasons:

Monetization – I want to make money.

If you want to make money with our blog we have to consider what we can offer potential customers (our readers) to buy. You don’t have to sell the product yourself, you can recommend other products as well.

Monetize with ads like Google Adsense, affiliate programs and more.

Expertise – I want to establish myself as an expert.

If you want to become more of an expert in your community a blog full of informative content can do just that. The long goal for this the be able to be considered an expert and maybe down the road offer consulting services for your industry.

Hobby – I want to show off my love for this topic.

If you just love your niche and want to shout out to the world about it this might be a great hobby for you. I fully believe that people that start there blogs off with low expectations and are doing it out of pure enjoyment never lose.

Resell – I want to build a niche website and resell it

If you can get down a process to find a niche, make it rank and start to bank then flip it. This is a great goal, but has the biggest downside if you aren’t able to sell it.

Other – Let me know if you have another reason in the comments below.

Need help? Picking a Profitable Niche

Are there any niches to avoid

There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of if you know what you are doing. With that being said, if you do not know what you are doing they are certainly some difficult topics (niches) that you should avoid.

If you plan on creating content around a topic that effects someone’s money or life (YMYL – Your Money Your Life). You need to make sure you have the correct expertise and credentials to do so.

A quick example:

  • Health Content, imagine you write content that isn’t accurate and a users health is negatively effected.
  • Finance Content, imagine you write content that makes a reader lose a lot of money and you aren’t a financial advisor, but you are providing financial advice, or you recommend a product or financial institution that is

The main thing to take from this is, don’t put yourself into a position that could result in legal trouble. Search engines do have an obligation to make sure that content that could result in loss of human life or money don’t show up high in the results.

However, if you are a doctor, financial advisor or other wise an expert in your industry, by all means please create a blog.

Do Niche Sites Still Work?

Do niche sites still work? Yes! Your niche sites success depends on your goal and action plan. If you plan correctly and do the right research you can reach the level of success you desire. Will everyone do it, no, but for those that don’t give up you will never fail.

It’s important to remember to do your research before just springing into creating a blog or website. Make sure you are happy with what you are going to be doing, and at least have some passion towards the niche.

My biggest tip for you is to remember that passion and knowledge make a great combination and should keep you motivated.

Avoid niches you have little to no interest in. If you get bored with it fast, you are going to get bored with the site fast. You are going to want to avoid this.

If you need help picking a niche you can use our list of niches, it’s a growing list and should help you at least churn your thinking caps when picking a niche.

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